GINSMS Inc. is listed on TSXV: GOK


Mobile Applications & Technology

Through its Right Here Media (“RHM”) brand, GINSMS runs a series of mobile application services such as Happy Hours and Go Mall. Powering these feature-rich mobile application services from behind are sophisticated technology products and platforms. These technology products and platforms are built for high-availability and scalability. RHM makes available these underlying technologies for white-labelling and selling.

GINSMS also has a team of Android and iOS mobile application developers based out of Indonesia that provides the group with the technological capability to conduct research and development of “killer applications” as well as to customize and localize applications and content for specific markets. Coupled with GINSMS’s presence in Asia and North America, GINSMS provides partners a vital combination of both technical expertise and access to markets.

GINSMS is constantly on the lookout for innovative and disruptive technologies out there in the market. Through our global footprint and our offices in Asia and North America, we bring value to owners of such technologies who may not have reach beyond their local markets by going into partnerships with them and helping them commercialise and globalise their impressive technologies.